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Dubai City Tour – 25 Jan 2014

So after the Delhi-Dubai flight, finally here we are again in the famous Dubai International Airport on Sat. 25 Jan 2014. This time did not took time to do some Dubai Duty Free shopping but instead was following the ‘flow of passengers’ towards the immigration, as the airport is really big, if not huge!

I was pretty impressed to notice the clock in the airport which was of ‘Rolex’ brand.

After taking the final elevator, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lady holding a card on which my name was on top. I confirmed to her my name and then she indicated me the ‘Arabian Adventures’ counter. I was pretty relieved as the guy at Emirates Mauritius had told me to go directly to the counter upon landing at Dubai airport. They will take care of everything.

And true, this was the case.

I received my welcome pack from the counter and together with a fresh copy of my Dubai Visa (great!!). Then I proceed to the immigration/passport where I first the first local arabs. Strange enough, you have to look at a pole so that your eyes are scanned. The officer asked me for how many days I will staying in Dubai and was surprised because he asked me that in ‘Urdu’.

Finally time to take my luggage. I had taken the ‘concierge’ service accidentally. I did not had 20 AED to hand over and I cancelled the unintentional service. Time to move to the another Arabian Adventure counter, before which I took the opportunity to exchange USD currency to AED. I was holding the notes for the first time and had difficulty in recognising the note values.

Was greeted by the Arabian Adventure guy, where I noticed their standard costume. He took my trolley in order to guide me towards the transport. Got to socialise with other passengers, I think a couple was from Denmark. I checked in at Admiral Plaza and unfortunately I forgot my smartphone in the transport. I contacted reception and Arabian adventure and was pretty impressed of how after 30-45 minutes, the driver returned me the object, making me signed a ‘Lost and Found’ form. At the same time, the driver introduced me to a Mauritian family who was at the reception. As expected, this hotel is amongst the favourite’s of Mauritians (being an affordable 3-star hotel). I took a wake up call service and had some rest to prepare for a great day in Dubai..


Sat. 25 Jan 2014, finally go to see  Dubai for the first time. It was a wonderful view from the comfortable jeep. On way, could notice the pictures of Sheikh of Dubai many places. The morning tour was ‘City of Merchants – English and German Guides’ by Arabian Adventures.

Arabian Adventures

This half day Dubai City tour started with collecting all the tourists from different hotels (see the picture above of the coach) and all gathering at a single point of meeting. The guide, after confirming everybody’s presence in the coach, started the tour!

And here we go..Yuhu!

At start, the guide introduced us to Jumeirah and about particular posh area. We could see lots of beautiful villas/apartments which belongs to the rich local Arabs. Not to mention the countless Sports car speeding in Dubai owing to the cheap price of fuel there.


I was exepecting more with the tour item ‘Photo stop at Burj Al Arab’ when finally got deceived as the coach did not bring us nearer at this famous hotel for photoshooting. We just had a quick look from the coach 😦 not fair.


After some more explanations about ‘Living in Dubai’, we arrived at: Sheikh’s Heritage House.

Could see the first explanations of the guide speaking in English/German (I later realised he speaks French also, and maybe some Italian too)

20140125_092927 20140125_092935


Got to meet an Indian Couple who were NRI living in Texas but originally from Ahmedahbad, Gujrat.20140125_093608

Sitting like a Sheikh in his house for one day!

Dubai Tour

We then had a drive past Zabeel Palaces, the sort of place where the brother of Sheikh Makhtoum lives, the latter being the Minister of Finance.



Then we had a quicik visit at Jumeirah Mosque, the most photographed mosque of all Dubai.


Then we visited Al Fahidi cultural neighbourhood



Then, we visited the oldest building in Bur Dubai: Dubai Museum and this was really really interesting as was able to get a glimpse of the History of Dubai city.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum Dubai Museum

Crossing the creek by traditional abra (Water Taxi)

Dubai Water Taxi

Dubai Water Taxi

Finally we reached the famous Spice Souk, where I bought original zafran.

Spice Soukand we ended the tour with shopping at  the Gold Souk.

Dubai City of Gold

Arabian Adventures organised the return transfer of all the tourists to the their respective hotel. I had one hour before the next event and I had to reach Jumbo Electronics to purchase my professional camcorder.

Mission accomplished and it was a great experience to be walking in the streets and interacting with the local people there. Reached back hotel by walk and on time came the Jeep of Arabian Adventures for the pick-up. The transport was damn comfortable and we headed towards the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Arabian Adventure SafariWas thrilled by the feel of the Golden Sand, and for one moment I thought, that was in the middle of Desert…nothing around but sand and some few trees.


After arrival at destination, we were greeted by some cold drinks and waited for our turn to enjoy Falconry.

20140125_165835After being seated comfortably under the tent, came a South African lady with a falcon in her hand. The speed and natural instincts of each of the falcons is beautifully displayed by the falconer, who discusses the breed and character of their birds. The speed and natural killing instinct of each of the birds are beautifully displayed20140125_165851 20140125_171143 20140125_171355 20140125_171545Back in the Jeep Safari came the most enjoying moment with the Dune Driving! Transport yourself through the spectacular dunes and desert terrain in a luxury four-wheel drive. Predefined routes ensure you are surrounded by pristine desert landscapes while making your way to a Bedouin camp for an entertaining evening.


We stopped to enjoy the Sunset Watch, and slowly we started to feel cold…

20140125_174850 20140125_175721Upon arrival at the Bedouin Camp, I seized the opportunity to do Camel Ride. As I could not do it in Rajashthan, I prefered to do it in Dubai.  The camel Trek was awesome – Sitting atop one of these strange and lovely creatures is a fantastic experience you are unlikely to forget as you are carried through the dunes on a traditional ‘ship of the desert’.


Meharbaan at the Campfire with Arabica Coffee and Date



Relax on comfortable low cushions in Bedu tents as you feast on an array of grilled meats, fresh salads, delectable Arabic sweets and beverages. A bewitching belly dancer, galaxy of stars and brilliant desert backdrop complete the enchanting evening.


Mehfil in the form of Belly Dancing


Star Gazing


and then, time to get back to the hotel for the Final packing, given there is a flight to catch the next day….

Emirates A380 at SSR airport, Mauritius

4 responses

  1. Glad that you loved Dubai too 🙂

    My visit there :

    23 February, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    • hi..oh, you also did Dubai in 2011. great… I find that one should not visit it alone, it spoils the time will bring friends and visit more nice places…my 36 hour stop over was not enough 🙂

      24 February, 2014 at 11:58 am

  2. Great pictures as usual.. I particularly liked the desert and the camel.. Must have been a nice experience.. 🙂

    24 February, 2014 at 9:18 am

    • Trine3tra 🙂
      will bring you for a Camel Trek one day in the desert 🙂

      24 February, 2014 at 11:58 am

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