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Team Building at Domaine de Letoile


It was great fun and joy that we had our team building at Domaine de Letoile yesterday, the domaine which is ‘the most beautiful and natural parc to explore in Mauritius’. I still recall some sweet memories of my first teambuilding, back in 2011.
The Different activities proposed by the Domaine are:

  • 2 seated Buggy
  • Horse Riding (with South African horses)
  • A Walking tour
  • by Quad (A Natural circuit through unique landscapes of Mauritius)
  • Mini Quad (for children above 6 years old)
  • Tyroliennes

We had a meeting point at Kendra Shopping Mall, St Pierre and the we all set out for Sebastopol, Flacq. We had a quick glimpse of the new 5 Start High Security Melrose prison, which was on our way. Arriving at Domaine de Letoile around 10.00am, it started raining!


We had a nice welcome at the Reception…and had some nice hot coffee whilst waiting for our ‘guide’.

Domaine de Letoile Reception

Then came Mr. Andy, our guide who kicked off the first activity of the day which is ‘Treasure Hunt’.  This is in fact Hiking but mixed with some questions that we need to answer whilst on the track. It adds to the fun!


We were distributed into 3 teams and the winning team would be the one who had properly answered the bonus question ‘How many mirrador are present in the Domaine?’ (Mirradors are used by hunters to observe their prey deer / wild pig before shooting them. The hunt period opened between June – Aug for a period of 6 days maximum). Also the most beautiful painting of the viewpoint would be declared as the winner.

So the Adventure started! 2 teams went before us and we were ready to win the ‘Treasure’..


Carefully reading the details in order to be able to answer the question..



One of the Mirrador, which were were carefully noticing and counting.


The circuit was of 2 hours and we enjoyed lots of ‘goyave de chines’ on the way and the beautiful views as were were climbing up were simply a delight to the eyes. However there were mosquitos and the sun scorching our skin.


Here, we’ve reached the viewpoint and each ‘artist’ in the team had to draw something they see in this view:





Time for Food, we all were very hungry. The Mauritian Buffet, proposed by the ‘Restaurant Anahita’ was simply delicious.

Then came time for the most-awaited adventure : Quad.

We met a new ‘guide’ who started giving instructions about how to drive a Quad and also the safety instructions.



Then, time for a Test Drive for the 2 persons in one quad


After the Test Drive, I became a bit confident driving quad and I admit the control are really not flexible and you get your thumb tired pressing the accelerator.


Nevertheless, its an awesome experience on the quad, after one gets used to it..


Awesome view at the top of the mountain…


Then the final trekking down was awesome and we could see deers in the nature…An incredible experience..

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  1. Savitry Goorappa

    Can I have a quotation for a team building for 11 persons with activities and lunch

    26 January, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    • kindly contact Domaine de Letoile Savitry.

      11 February, 2016 at 1:22 pm

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