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Mauritian Theatre – In the Press this week

Hello friends,

When we were in India performing during theatre festival, I still remember journalists of the Indian press used to come interview the director and then take group photo etc. We would then follow the publication of the article. I still remember my first interview before a journalist when playing the role of ‘Moulshankar’ in Swami Dayanand Saraswatee – and the funny anecdote about me needing to give my interview again because the cameraman had a technical problem!!


Last year also (2013), was in the press concerning Mauritian Theatre. Some links as follows:

Our interview in Bol Bandhu – Part 1 – I realise that Part 2 was never broadcasted given that end of year programmes were scheduled.

Bol Bandhu is a programme featuring on the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation’s channel – Bhojpuri Channel.


Natak Nahin – au-dessus du lot (in French language, Weekend newspaper)


Journalist V.J seems to take the competitors arguments as they cannot digest the Adjucating panel’s decisions. The biggest frustrating part is that competitor was confused about names of the actors.

Spotlight on media coverage on Mauritian Theatre this year in the recent weeks..



The defi media group covered two full page articles in which I am featured. Both links are as follows:

English Drama Competition : Un conflit d’intérêts allégué (in French language, a featured article).

Journalist R.S. published her report in the daily newspaper ‘le defi quotidien’ which sells around 80,000 copies per day approximately.

An article by the competitor group who apparently cannot digest the Adjucating panel’s decisions.


and the second article entitled:

Ashesh Ramjeeawon : The born actor (in English language)

Journalist N.F’s article was published on News on Sunday, where i was featured on the front page also.


In Mauritius, I have noticed there is not an evolution in the field of theatre. In fact I am very surprised that participating group(s) have made it a tradition to produce to the authorities complaint letters to contest jury’s decisions. The zeal of competition should be improved to create a healthy atmosphere and not a warzone. I have spent 2 years of my life competing for state scholarship and I have been through the competition present in our education system. There were also these college days when I was competing to come first in Computer Studies, nevertheless I had great respect and admiration for equally talented/brillant computer geek in other class.

I firmly believe that the Mauritian Public should be given an opportunity to view the Drama finals on TV (Live) and an award kept for the Best Play voted the majority of the audience. (if technically possible, in this mordernised world of technology). Competition does not necessary lead to a healthy promotion of arts or to the subject, instead can lead to different harmful/annoying events as Human beings are fraught by ego, revenge, jealousy etc.


After my come back in theatre world in 2013, I didn’t expect to touch success after a long time of hibernation from the theatre world. I had set foot back in the backstage after a long time, had even forgot how the prize giving ceremony in the finals was revamped! However, I always had an inner voice telling me to be back on stage if one day time and situation permits.

As I said in my news on sunday interview, I dream of Short Films/Documentary productions for the TV/mass media as I believe this could be a source of attracting more artists into this field. From a form of hobby, why not an income generating industry in mauritius employing many artists and technicians as well. Mauritian Cinema has never taken off and will never take off. IMHO, regular participants in theatre festivals should be invited to studio for recording of their plays after the script has been properly converted in screenplay. This will result in a boom of local productions which the Bhojpuri/Senn Kreole and other channels could schedule in their playlist.

I am inspired from this way of thinking from famous actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Anupam Kher, Rakesh Bedi, Nawazuddin siddiqui, Naseerudin Shah, Irfan Khan etc..who made their debut in theatre and today have been able pave a successful career in the film industry/bollywood. Very encouragingly some are still active in Theatre:


Am I dreaming too much? Let me dream, till now I am a free man living in a democratic country 🙂


One response

  1. Shakespeare.....

    “If you have built castles in the sky
    Let not your dreams go to waste;
    Just build the foundations under them.”
    ― Henry David Thoreau

    Nice article and what you wrote is totally true. I’ve personally witnessed that people instead of appreciating and encouraging you for your achievements, what they do is criticise you or make other people believe that you did not deserve to get what you got.. What i would like to say is “The price of success is to bear the criticism of envy.” So, i guess, it’s normal to hear criticism. Just keep believing in yourself and am sure you’ll create wonders in the future.. All the best.. 🙂

    5 August, 2014 at 12:20 pm

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