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Nice meeting with key web 2.0 perso.


Yesterday, after 8 hours of hardwork in the office, time to unwind! As scheduled, we had to go to an informal meeting at Caudan Waterfront.

Interestingly we got to meet with different key personalities of Web 2.0 in Mauritius via Happyweb Agency. To start with -> Someone expert in Drupal and who is going to attend the forthcoming DrupalCon Paris from 1st to 5st Sept. Then we had the pleasure to meet the CEO ofย Mascareignes IT Ltd and his friend who is an expert in Prestashop and does php programming using Symfony Framework. I am really interested to give Symfony a try now. Then meeting with CEO of Vinivi who also presented another friend. We spent nice chit chats, obviously with a pint of beer and croustillant ‘gajacks’! ๐Ÿ˜€

There were many nice discussion topics which I can mention in my blog:

1) Tweet or blog?

I introduced myself as a Mauritian blogger amongst the growing community which is already planning the second Bloggers meeting. I also added that I have a growing interest in tweeting and find myself tweeting more than blogging (as you can notice the right sidebar contains more of my tweets now).

The other side of arguments were about the denial of Tweeter. It is something of no great interest to some folks. As yest, we were having a look at the Twitter presentations, there came to my mind the slide of 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance on Slide 4 of the second presentation. It goes as follows:

1. Denial

“I think Twitter is stupid. Why would anyone care what other people would do right now?”

2. Presence

“Ok. I don’t really get why people love it, but I would love it, but I guess I should at least create an account”

3. Dumping

“I am on twitter and I use it to paste links on my blog posts and pointing people to my press release”

4. Conversing

“I don’t always post useful stuff, but I use twitter to have authentic 1×1 conversations.”

5. Microblogging

“I am using twitter to publish useful information to people to read and converse 1×1 authentically.”

Personally some were on the Denial and Presence phase of acceptance of Twitter whilst I find myself Microblogging Fun!

2) Recruting IT people

This was a key topic about the Mauritian labour market of IT people. It was fun to hear the anecdotes of interview session of young graduates at the companies. My question was obvious about UoM graduates where we have headhunting by Accenture and Ceridian at the CSE dept. I am a bit stunned to learn that there is actually a shortage of key IT people in the market, to the extent that “importing” a bunch of foreign IT talent is required to fulfil the vacancies.

3) Funding for start ups

I got to learn a lot from the experience of the guys about the DO’s and Don’t of starting a business in IT.

4) Google

This was also greatly interesting about Search Giant and its data centre. I think the video they were talking about was “Inside Google Data Center”:

To sum up, it was a very nice networking experience with the key personalities in Web 2.0 in Mauritius. Of course, the whole “gang” was not present. Many other invited people did not turn up. We ended up the meeting with the need of consolidating a mailing list which would inform every subscribers of future meetings.

L’Internet pour Tous

At Triolet, another Youth Centre has seen the day! This is a laudable initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (the Minister, also a legendary figure in Mauritian Football was elected from No. 5) since there is a lack of such incentive in such a large village. Interestingly we notice a very nice innovation:

Free Internet Access. Come to learn and Enjoy! ICafe Opening Hours: 10:00 โ€“ 17:00 Weekdays

Driven by curiosity, I went to pay a visit to the new Internet Cafe (ICafe) and collected Membership forms. We learn that there will be a Youth Officer or Net Coach who will be providing help to users to surf the internet. It is also encouraging for people of all age to come and learn to use the effective way of surfing on the information superhighway.

Concerning this, I had a brief brainstorming of what I think personally should be delivered by the net coach. Here is the draft presentation (still work in progress):

Of course,ย  suggestions and ideas to better coach surfing the net are welcomed!

WordCamp Las Vegas 09

To my nice surprise, I also realised that after barcamp, we also have DrupalCamp and recently: WordCamp! That’s nice ๐Ÿ˜€