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My First International Conference participation

Data Centre Strategies Mauritius 2009 has been organised by the Board of Investment, in collaboration with Broadgroup consulting. The Agenda for the 2-day event can be found on broadgroup’s website.


Very nice atmosphere in the conference Hall. The giant screen broadcasting an underwater diving clip was wonderful!

My First impression: Waow, I learnt a lot during these 2 days. It was absolutely well organised, well disciplined and global experts on the topic present at the conference hall of Four Point Sheraton Business Hotel.


Mahen, the master of ceremony on day 2

A bit hats off to Mahen Govinda of BOI, who is the ‘Mastermind’ of organising this event very professionally.

Got the opportunity network also with a South African Hosting company – Hetzner, who have 10+ years in the hosting business.


Hetzner directors from South Africa

It was also great to talk business with the Director of a Mauritian Hosting company.

Secondly, it was also a very, very cool, jovial and happy atmosphere. With most of the professional speakers also having a good sense of humour.. There was also a Great Gala Dinner organised where we enjoyed a lot the Bollywood show.

Thirdly, my favourite presentations were on :

  • Steve Wallage – his nice pace of presenting, I was absolutely amanzed by that. He knew his slides well..
  • the presentation of the Mauritius Eco-Park Project (maybe the main reason why I wanted to
  • come to the conf.),
  • DSC00017

    Mr. Iqbal presenting the land based oceanic project

  • Data Centres: New Trends  – Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
  • DSC00018

    Nitin Shan presenting benefits of cloud computing

  • Business Continuity Management
  • European Commission Presentation on Code of Conduct for Data Centres (mainly because he was funny)
  • Dr. Ian Bitterlin, the Specialist. was absolutely amazed by his expertise

It was a good experience to network with key IT professionals in the country and internationally. Opportunity cropped up to have professional discussion with them during lunch time or during the tea break!

I wish, the guys are right now, enjoying the Cocktail and Dinner at Ile aux deux Coco – Blue Bay! 😀

Orange Juice, finally

Orange Juice

This is a follow-up post from Sandwich and Olive Salad and which has been placed in the new category Practical Training 2009.

Well, I nearly had made up my mind to go for Olive Salad for the Practical Training 2009 and was preparing the form to be submitted to our Programme Co-ordinator. All of a sudden, we grabbed the attention of Orange! The latter was the third offer and the pending one.

At the last minute, there was the possibility of setting up an appointment at a very cool location 😀 Damn driving during the night is not fun and especially when there are Police Traffic people everywhere telling you to give priority to the damn VIP people going to Domaine Anna.

Finally we reached our destination (despite the small deviation to Albion Lighthouse , eihhh) and we were on time (pat on the shoulders)!

At the reception, we were welcomed by the Manager and we had a seat to start the meeting. Well, there was description of what is the role and function of the backoffice services and the intention to implant the corporate service in Mauritius. The key terms were: Corporate services, KPI, Business Intelligence, Availability, Best Practice, date warehouse, reporting, supply chain, inventory control, Nokia, Wal-Mart, competence, global company, Romania, Germany, France Telecom, Orange Business Services

There was a high level of business jargon being used (in French). The theory from Operations Management, which we learnt at University was applicable. Below are some videos related to the main topic of the meeting:

RFID in Supply Chain

Service Performance Mgt

The main stuff that impressed me was that the profile of the Manager was something that I am -> Business acumen complemented with knowledge in the IT industry. Having a look at my CV, he told me that for the setting up of the team, candidates with such profiles are required. Then my question: Are we expected to work with the technicalities of networking (CCNA stuff)? Happily the answer was No.

The decision

Now that I have all three very good Practical Training opportunities, I have to choose one. Its a choice difficult to make since each one would provide a different career path. I asked my ‘chauffeur’ : If you get three love letters from girlfriends which each one possess the required qualities that you desire, which one would you choose? 😀

How to Achieve IT excellence?

Today I joined IT which is a community where professionals interested in IT connect and communicate to share knowledge. Browsing the interesting blog posts and articles, I found one very tempting to download and read:

IT excellence: Achieving optimised business outcomes -an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by SAP.

The article focuses on how leading companies enable IT to perform optimally.

Ms Mulders believes that IT excellence connotes different things to different companies. “You have to start with ‘What are we trying to do as a corporation?’” she says. Since Dow Corning is “focused very heavily on customer relationships,” she says, for her company IT excellence means “that IT and the businesses are marching to the same priorities and initiatives—that IT is partnering with the businesses to deliver value for our customers.” IT excellence simply means achieving the right balance between IT value and IT cost.

According to Applied Materials CIO Ron Kifer, the firm’s investments in IT are enabling business strategies and creating differentiation. “Our leadership is committed to the idea that IT is vital to business strategy,” says Mr Kifer. “But IT excellence is also very important.” At his company, he says, that means more than merely enabling business strategies—it also means “taking a leadership role” in business and process improvement, if not transformation.


Using an outsourcing approach for enabling business is beneficial because it allows for a more flexible and cost-effective staffing model that can adjust rapidly to changes in the business environment. Outsourcing frees internalresources to focus on value-added core competencies such as change leadership, process optimisation and technology innovation.

What other interesting stuffs I’ve learnt so far concerning strategic use of IT is that

Today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) must understand technology well, speak the language of senoir management, and involve their personnel in finding innovative ways of using IT to efficiently and swiftly deploying new business ideas.