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Information Technology And The Booming Mobile Casino Industry

IT and Casino Games

Hello Friends! How many of you enjoy Casino games?

Well me last time went to Las Vega Casino (Grand Baie) and had some here are some thoughts about The rapid evolution of technology has forever changed how we play casino games.

Casino Games -

Over 400 million smartphone units have been sold worldwide in 2011, and the number continues to grow as the years pass. This is good news for business owners of IT related products because they have more opportunities to effectively tap into a booming market, especially since almost everyone can afford to own a unit nowadays. Let us look at the casino industry as an example. They are now able to penetrate millions of probable players because of the Internet. It’s not a surprise that many take advantage of the smartphone and tablet gaming markets.
There are currently some mobile games that allow players to play casino games on their smartphones and earn real cash, but most people still prefer to play these games on their desktop or laptop computers. This doesn’t discourage the mobile gaming companies though, as they are constantly making progress in their development techniques to produce more engaging titles.

A major concern that mobile game developers have involves the design of the target devices, since they have to think about the resolution and size of the screen for games that they are creating. AlchemyBet has worked on’s “Furry Friends”, “Viper Active” or “Bar King Mad” casual casino titles, and they have done their best to cater to as many mobile devices as they could. The problem is that the amount of varied screen sizes in every smartphone or tablet that is coming out will make it close to impossible to develop a title which can work on all platforms.
Security is another big concern here, since malware programmers have gotten busy generating viruses to infect the millions of devices being released to the public each year. What is alarming is that most of the mobile devices being used today are not equipped with even the simplest anti virus tools. This will make them susceptible to hacker attacks.
While the present generation of smartphones and tablets have the hardware boosts and extra features for better performance, it is interesting to know that most of these units have a difficult time with casino gaming content. At least the industry of mobile devices is working hard with their IT experts to improve on their products, particularly their operating systems. This will take away a lot of the barricades which stop casinos from providing content to their loyal and potential players.

My first ProIT 2012 Conference Participation

Yesterday, 16 May 2012, I attended the 2nd edition of ProIT at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Center (SVICC), Pailles. ProIT is a Business to Business (B2B) Exhibition and Conference Event targeting IT professionals and business professionals from Mauritius and the Indian Ocean.

The objectives of ProIT Exhibition & Conference event are to:

  • Create awareness on business solutions for Corporate, Enterprise and SMBs’.
  • Provide information on the products, services and technologies that will empower businesses.
  • Promote expertise and know-how in business solutions.
  • Sensitise on the applications of ICT and technologies for effective business and individual solutions.
  • Establish business partnerships and deals.
  • Direct contact with stakeholders in need of ICT business solutions.
I attended the event mainly because of the need of a CRM business solution. There were conference events whereby Consultants from different companies presented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. For me, it was an ideal opportunity to learn about this product and have a demo. I have experience on Oracle Siebel CRM but have never worked on MS Dynamics CRM.
I started my day my knocking the door of LCI After Sales Service for my iPad 2. My device is unfortunately faulty and i have to use an on-loan device 😦 I wonder that I might be amongst the rare persons who have received a faulty Apple device, detected after 2 months of usage.
Then I was present at Swami Vivekananda Pailles, around 10.30am. There was no crowd, it was a cool atmosphere. As I entered, I could see Business People in nice suite or IT employees walking here and there. After taking my registration badge at the reception, I headed towards the following conferences/product demo:
10h30 – 11h15 FRCI Improve Collaboration & Productivity with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & Dynamics CRM  2011
Akthar Dilmohamud
11h30 – 12h15 HP HP Professional Innovations for PSG
Richard Stainforth
HP PSG Category Manager
1)Business Rugged Design
2) HP Notebook Lineup
3) Ultrabooks
The HP Manager talked a bit Windows 8 Launch, followed by HP’s folio of notebooks and the Ultrabook lasting for 36 hours of battery! And finally, the new HP Spectre which will be on market soon. This product is intended not for the consumer market but only for business executives.
This event was special given that now HP is in Mauritius (with a small sales team of 4 till now).
Then I proceeded towards the exhibition. I landed on the booth of FRCI for a live demo of MS Dynamics CRM. I highly appreciated the expert assistance of a Consultant who presented the business solution to me. He was attentive to my business requirements and was trying to ‘sell’ the product adapted to my specific Industry (Real Estate). We exchanged business cards and would meet for a product demo followed by a business proposal/quotation in the weeks to come.
I was quite happy after viewing MS Dynamics CRM as its very user friendly, it integrates with Microsoft Outlook, it is a platform for development and in Mauritius there are companies who are Microsoft Partners and providing support on the Product.
Next, I moved on the Stand of CiSolve Ltd, where was present the Project Manager, the CRM Lead Consultant and also a Developer friend from Triolet. After a brief presentation of the product on her part, I requested for a demo at our business office. Co-incidence: She was also an ex Siebel CRM developer who has now switched to MS Dynamics CRM!
Moving forward, I met Software Concepts CEO, whom I saw for the first time at the Sage Pastel Evolution Launch. I told them that the free training that I luckily won was difficult to attend given it was in weekdays, in the morning. Then talking about business, we exchanged words about the Sage products’ market in Mauritius. Conclusion: SFT ltd is the only company in Mauritius having a dedicated team of 25 people for Sage Pastel for Small and Medium Companies. I put forward my requirement of a CRM to be implemented at our Marketing dept. Surprisingly he told me Sage Pastel has already a  CRM incorporated and that we would pay another CRM license ineffectively. Well, that was food for thought! I requested for a sales representative to come for a demo of the Sage CRM.
Time for lunch! Where I met an old lady who came to the event for visiting around. We shared some words about Life, in general. And it was time for my awaited presentation from SIL:
13h30 – 14h15 SIL Title: Managing projects with Microsoft projects server 2010
Presenter: Poonam Canniah (Consultant)
14h30 – 15h15 SIL Title: Implementing Oracle e-Business Suite R12
Presenters: Varshinee Santokhee-Veerasamy (Consultant)
Ameena Toofanny (Project Manager)
At the Oracle eBusiness Suite presentation, there were professionals in Oracle present. I asked around 2 questions concerning the database being used by the application etc.
I think this B2B exhibition is intended for companies who want to implement a business solution and want to visit the event in order to know about the possibilities ie. whether a custom software should be developed or an ERP or CRM needs to be implemented. Mauritius is facing major challenges in various economic sectors. Implementing Quality IT solutions would help drastically to reduce costs and increase productivity, if not to mention, most importantly it can provide a Competitive Edge. I think that the marketing of the ProIT 2012 needs to be re-considered as I was disappointed with the low number of participation of visitors at the event.

Le Boss fostering Mauritian Entrepreneurship

Le Boss

The finals of the competition ‘Le Boss’ was held yesterday night (2 July 2011) on MBC TV ( Its for the first time that on MBC, the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) created the initiative for ‘re-boosting’ Mauritian Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  The website of Le Boss can be accessed here: . The Youtube videos have been uploaded by Darkprint ltd on And the Facebook page link:

There were 7 finalists who were entrepreneurs in a specific industry who had submitted their business plans to a panel of Jury. On the competition, they were given 6 minutes to answer questions of the jury members, who were professionals in their field. The winner of the first edition of ‘Le Boss’ is Ved Luchmun.

Ved (the banana transformation guy’)was very proud of winning this competition and became emotional at the end of the show, as all TV viewers witnessed. Many Congratulations to him and wish him all the best for his entrepreneurial spirit and his journey towards self-actualisation.

My Personal Opinion:

Firstly, It was nice to have Mr. Francois Woo, Director of Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile Ltée (CMT), the leading textile company on TV. He told his personal experience of how he started to become where he is today. On the web there is already a short description , however his live ‘testimonial’ had a greater weight. What I will retain is that: 1) one needs at least 10 years of learning and gaining experience in the field that one wishes to do business 2) hard work and sacrifice is essential as during this period (10-year), one will make savings, that will be invested in the new company that will take birth 3) With your own money invested, you will be more careful and this will have an impact on your decision-making process. Mr Woo had also taken the support of DBM for the financing of his projects and today, CMT can aspire to be amongst the top ten in garment manufacturing. For me, personally, Francois Woo is a role model for new Mauritian Entrepreneurs who are willing to compete on a global stage by seizing Government Support (whether in form of a DBM loan or help in business planning etc.).

Secondly, the members of the jury asked questions requiring critical thinking as they need to defend their business plan and be convincing. I appreciate the nice job of the members of the jury. Their questions liked to sustainability, feasibility of the business model- in the form of ‘what’s your strategy to tackle X and Y Challenge? What is your marketing plan? Management questions – Can you define Success? How can you assure Quality in your products? etc.. However, the thing of ‘buzzers’ – euhh , this concept is a bit ambiguous for me.

Thirdly, given I am in the shoes of a Freelance Web Developer (or Mauritian Technopreneur), it was nice to see a young finalist defending his eMarketing Business plan (SEO, Copywriting etc.) Miss Nabiilah is also a student whilst trying to conduct her business affairs. This is very encouraging to see female entrepreneurs emerging. I hope the ‘glass ceiling’ will eventually not exist. Also, Web 2.0 can provide most businesses a competitive edge and this has been outlined by someone in the audience in the TV show. So allez Nabiilah, ‘manz r li’ with your Mauritian Technopreneur spirit. I know its not easy as I had done the same during my UoM days.

To conclude, Le Boss has a good start. I hope that MBC could inspire a bit from BBC Dragon’s Den for any further editions.

What do you think of the show? Do not hesitate to comment….