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Information Technology And The Booming Mobile Casino Industry

IT and Casino Games

Hello Friends! How many of you enjoy Casino games?

Well me last time went to Las Vega Casino (Grand Baie) and had some here are some thoughts about The rapid evolution of technology has forever changed how we play casino games.

Casino Games -

Over 400 million smartphone units have been sold worldwide in 2011, and the number continues to grow as the years pass. This is good news for business owners of IT related products because they have more opportunities to effectively tap into a booming market, especially since almost everyone can afford to own a unit nowadays. Let us look at the casino industry as an example. They are now able to penetrate millions of probable players because of the Internet. It’s not a surprise that many take advantage of the smartphone and tablet gaming markets.
There are currently some mobile games that allow players to play casino games on their smartphones and earn real cash, but most people still prefer to play these games on their desktop or laptop computers. This doesn’t discourage the mobile gaming companies though, as they are constantly making progress in their development techniques to produce more engaging titles.

A major concern that mobile game developers have involves the design of the target devices, since they have to think about the resolution and size of the screen for games that they are creating. AlchemyBet has worked on’s “Furry Friends”, “Viper Active” or “Bar King Mad” casual casino titles, and they have done their best to cater to as many mobile devices as they could. The problem is that the amount of varied screen sizes in every smartphone or tablet that is coming out will make it close to impossible to develop a title which can work on all platforms.
Security is another big concern here, since malware programmers have gotten busy generating viruses to infect the millions of devices being released to the public each year. What is alarming is that most of the mobile devices being used today are not equipped with even the simplest anti virus tools. This will make them susceptible to hacker attacks.
While the present generation of smartphones and tablets have the hardware boosts and extra features for better performance, it is interesting to know that most of these units have a difficult time with casino gaming content. At least the industry of mobile devices is working hard with their IT experts to improve on their products, particularly their operating systems. This will take away a lot of the barricades which stop casinos from providing content to their loyal and potential players.

Aapravasi Ghat 2012

UNESCO Aapravasi Ghat

The Aapravasi Ghat Indian Indentured Immigrants Arrival Celebration Committee extended its invitation to attend the Annual Yaj Ceremony to pay tribute to the first Indentured Immigrants who arrived in Mauritius on 2 Nov. 1984. And today I did it duty to respond to the invitation by being present as early as 8.00am at Coolie Ghat, Port Louis.


During my studies in Dip. in Performing Arts at MGI (Centre for Mauritian Studies), I got the opportunity to study the module MST 1221 Mauritian Studies – Overview of History by Historian Mr. J Ng Foong Kwong. Lecture 5 was on Slavery and Abolition  followed by Lecture 6 – Indentured Labour Immigration. One of the assignments I worked in this module held the theme ‘Discuss whether the Practice of Slavery left no trace in the new labour system, Indian Indentureship (l’engagisme) was practiced in Mauritius between 1835 and 1912. An extract of the work that I submitted:

The introduction of Indian Contractual workers during the British Period started between 1820 and early 1830s. Arrival registers of the Indian Immigration Archives ( testify that labourers from the Indian Peninsula originated from Bihar, Pondicherry, Madras, Calcutta, Kerala etc. These experimental importations of local planters were an evident means of overcoming acute shortage of labour arising in the colony.

The Proclamation of the Abolition of Slavery was done in 1833. Mauritius was the first British colony to embark on the ‘Great Experiment’ by bringing around 453,000 labourers under the Indenture Agreement. Some main points how this was different from Slavery:

1. A labourer does not surrender his workforce for life. One is employed in return for a salary.

2. The labourer had human dignity, unlike slaves.

3. Recruitment of labourers was done by recruitment agents, unlike slaves who were force to come and work in Mauritius. Then there is the famous story of The british agents telling the Indians that they will discover Gold under the rocks found in Mauritius and they will become rich very soon!

4. Slaves had duties to accomplish to the master and did not had any property rights. Indentured labourers had the right to accumulate capital and send money to their relatives in India. They bought land and morcellement plants.

5. Disapora difference. There was no African diaspora because their human dignity have been deprived. Hence no posisbility of tracing the roots of Africans. For indentured labourers people of Indian Origian can trace the roots of their ancestors

6. African slaves did not have the opportunity to return to their homeland. This is the point of no return to life, facing no natural death. The indians knew their place of origian and oen third of them returned to India.

Today 2 Nov. 2012, I had the opportunity to assist to the Yaj Ceremony performed different ‘Chef Religieux’.
Then there was speech by Mrs. Sarita Boodhoo, Chairman Bhojpuri Speaking Union…
and then an hommage to Mr. Bikramsingh Ramlallah who started the tradition of doing a Yaj each year at Coolie Ghat.
At the time when I was having a look at the 16 Steps,
Aapravasi Ghat 16 Steps

I had the opportunity to converse with an elderly person who told me ‘My Dada was a Coolie. I was able to re-trace my roots.’


This is the place where the Labourers took a bath after landing on the unknown soil, very far away from their homeland and after a perilous travel from the boat departed in Calcutta.

Luckily for me, this year, I was able to attend the Official ‘Depot de Gerbes’ by the Head of States and the listen to the Speeches.

Then, there was the inauguration of the ‘Reconstruction of the Village in 1866’ done by the Ministry of Arts and Culture. The exhibition is opened for free to the Public for 2 months.

2012 Kick-Off

Hellooo World! Already living the first 2 weeks of 2012.  In case, you’ve missed it, here’s the Zeitgeist from Google concerning 2011: Year in Review.

Let me share some nice stuff I was viewing on the website of the Leadership guru, Robin Sharma

  1. How to Get up Early,
  2. How to Defeat Worry,
  3. 8 Steps to Winning in the New Year.

I highly recommend you to take 1 hour off and take a notebook and go through the videos.

The second part of my 2012 Kick-off blog post is for whose considering to change their job or maybe going for their first job interview.

Recruitment and Selection is a crucial task for companies in order to have the best talent channelling their energy to achieve the set company-objectives  within a timeframe. The HR Personnel has the objective to Shortlist candidates out of a list of many applicants. This process can be a  one-to-one interview or a panel comprising of different members representing their respective dept. To kick-off the chance of being selected, pre-interview preparation is of utmost importance. It’s like doing your homework before going to a class. So here we go, you could work on the following questions which a Manager could ask:

1. [Your CV will be at the desk]. First Impression [Don’t be late, Well-Groomed, etc.]. Then the opening question: In 2 words, tell me about yourself. [In certain cases, the Industrial Psychologist might urge you to get started with your family life and then come on the traditional description i.e education, work experience, personality].

2.  What does ‘Failure’ mean to you?

3. How do you deal with Conflicts at Work?

4. Can you define the relationship between ‘Skills’ and ‘Attitude’?

5. What is the importance of Communication to you?

6. Can you make the link between ‘Ethics’ and ‘Integrity?

7. If there is One Thing that you could change, what would that be? And how you could change it?

8. How do you Manage Change?

9. Do you believe in Planning?

[Question about the Job Description]

[Question about ‘What do you know about <the company name which is recruiting>?]

Finally, you will be asked ‘Do you have any questions?’

Then, one can proceed asking about the Salary Scale and Benefits or discuss about the work conditions etc.

A job is not “just a job”. Every job is a gorgeous vehicle to express your gifts and talents – and to model exceptionalism for all around you.