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Le Boss fostering Mauritian Entrepreneurship

Le Boss

The finals of the competition ‘Le Boss’ was held yesterday night (2 July 2011) on MBC TV ( Its for the first time that on MBC, the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) created the initiative for ‘re-boosting’ Mauritian Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  The website of Le Boss can be accessed here: . The Youtube videos have been uploaded by Darkprint ltd on And the Facebook page link:

There were 7 finalists who were entrepreneurs in a specific industry who had submitted their business plans to a panel of Jury. On the competition, they were given 6 minutes to answer questions of the jury members, who were professionals in their field. The winner of the first edition of ‘Le Boss’ is Ved Luchmun.

Ved (the banana transformation guy’)was very proud of winning this competition and became emotional at the end of the show, as all TV viewers witnessed. Many Congratulations to him and wish him all the best for his entrepreneurial spirit and his journey towards self-actualisation.

My Personal Opinion:

Firstly, It was nice to have Mr. Francois Woo, Director of Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile Ltée (CMT), the leading textile company on TV. He told his personal experience of how he started to become where he is today. On the web there is already a short description , however his live ‘testimonial’ had a greater weight. What I will retain is that: 1) one needs at least 10 years of learning and gaining experience in the field that one wishes to do business 2) hard work and sacrifice is essential as during this period (10-year), one will make savings, that will be invested in the new company that will take birth 3) With your own money invested, you will be more careful and this will have an impact on your decision-making process. Mr Woo had also taken the support of DBM for the financing of his projects and today, CMT can aspire to be amongst the top ten in garment manufacturing. For me, personally, Francois Woo is a role model for new Mauritian Entrepreneurs who are willing to compete on a global stage by seizing Government Support (whether in form of a DBM loan or help in business planning etc.).

Secondly, the members of the jury asked questions requiring critical thinking as they need to defend their business plan and be convincing. I appreciate the nice job of the members of the jury. Their questions liked to sustainability, feasibility of the business model- in the form of ‘what’s your strategy to tackle X and Y Challenge? What is your marketing plan? Management questions – Can you define Success? How can you assure Quality in your products? etc.. However, the thing of ‘buzzers’ – euhh , this concept is a bit ambiguous for me.

Thirdly, given I am in the shoes of a Freelance Web Developer (or Mauritian Technopreneur), it was nice to see a young finalist defending his eMarketing Business plan (SEO, Copywriting etc.) Miss Nabiilah is also a student whilst trying to conduct her business affairs. This is very encouraging to see female entrepreneurs emerging. I hope the ‘glass ceiling’ will eventually not exist. Also, Web 2.0 can provide most businesses a competitive edge and this has been outlined by someone in the audience in the TV show. So allez Nabiilah, ‘manz r li’ with your Mauritian Technopreneur spirit. I know its not easy as I had done the same during my UoM days.

To conclude, Le Boss has a good start. I hope that MBC could inspire a bit from BBC Dragon’s Den for any further editions.

What do you think of the show? Do not hesitate to comment….

Mauritius Elections 2010

So here we are, 2010 Elections in Mauritius are over! Over one month of Political campaign by the two major parties: Alliance de Lavenir & Alliance du Coeuron the whole island.

Meeting 1 May - Quatre Bornes

Meeting 1 May - Port Louis

Interesting blog posts can be found on: experiment1132 , On est de L’avenir and the Famous Party Malin. The leader of the political party, has been the most awaited one for Mauritians to watch during the political broadcast after 19:30 MBC News. Read Le Matinal, or Best of du Party Malin.

There is also to be noticed new websites covering the Mauritian Elections 2010:,, special page category on and As far as the Web 2.0 political campaign strategies are concerned, apart the Facebook groups, there websites: and

Some interesting pics taken:

My Voting Centre at Triolet

My Voting Centre (Courtesy: CarrotMadMan6 Photoblog)

Rally by FSM party at Port Louis

Yupi! Droopnath Ramphul SSS - counting center No. 5 Img Src:

Pour une autre Ile Maurice

Rally in the Bike

Cehl Meeah is elected for the first time (Img Src:

Results came late at No. 5 (Pamplemousses/Triolet) counting center on 6 May 2010

The Government with a new mandate has reconstituted the Ministries – Ministry of Arts & Culture regained back and we have new ministries: Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology and the ‘re-branded’ Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.

1. In my personal opinion, I am not so happy with the new Finance Minister. Well there was political strategy behind it but I would not want the Minister who left the poor economic situation of the country in 2005 and then rejoice the gains of  economic reforms in 2010.

2. Then secondly, the ICT Minister who is an attorney at law and first time Minister, I am sure that he will be able to deliver an output for the Mauritian IT/BPO industry as would had done the MMM candidate.

3. Finally the New Ministry of Tertiary Education, well let’s wait and see if the situation of academic institutions (private also) improves and we see a new wind of change at the University of Mauritius with our new Vice-Chancellor

What’s your opinion?

Code of Conduct for Mauritius Elections 2010

The General Elections in Mauritius are to be held in this year (2010), the date most probably to be announced on 1st May. The local newspapers and media are following the probability of any Alliance in the days/ weeks to come. The electoral mood is here and fast approaching, with the speculations of the current PM being relected for a second consequtive mandate. As this question has already been asked in a blog post concerning Mauritian Election, the main event of 2010,

If there will be a code of conduct having legal force for the forthcoming general elections.

this blog post ties to  focus a bit on this matter.

According to Deepa Bookun’s article on: Code of Conduct, the Failed test, The Electoral Supervisory Commission ( ESC) launched the country’s first ever code of conduct for candidates running for elections on 10th February 2009. The code was prepared following the Supreme Court judgment – and the subsequent Privy Council confirmation of same – which strongly encouraged the ESC to prepare such a code. The code of conduct for the “ election of one member to serve in the National Assembly for the Constituency of Quartier- Militaire- Moka” was a test case. A test case to decide whether there should be a legally binding code of conduct for the next general elections. The Code of Conduct for the By-Election for Constituency No. 8 can be found on the Electoral Commissioner’s Office website.

Another interesting article by the same journalist on the subject matter is: Code of Conduct, I promise to be honourable . As highlighted, the main problem remains: Enforceability. The code does not form part of the Electoral laws yet and was not meant to regulate but to guide candidates for the elections in Q. Militaire-Moka.

Let us consider the hot topic of : Financing Political parties and of Candidates running for election!

Transparency Mauritius submitted proposals to the Mauritian Electoral Supervisory Commission in connection with the coming general elections which include a model code of conduct on the financing of political parties and electoral candidates. The proposals have the 3 major parts:

Highlights from Part 1 – Proposals for the Transparency of Elections on the Financing of Political Parties and Candidates :

Limitations on Expenditures and Contributions

  • set interdictions for TV Adverts, ‘Bases’, Food and Drinks and Money distribution during campaigns and on election day.
  • reset maximum expenditure for candidates (Rs. 250, 000) and for parties
  • restrict donations to Parties and Candidates – set limits for corporate contribution (Rs. 250, 000) and for private contribution (Rs. 50, 000)
  • cap and restrict government spending during election campaigns

My personal opinion is that: Mauritius is a mixed economy, with the majority of the enterprise systems owned by franco-Mauritians or sino-Mauritians. Financing of political parties remains an undercovered issue since parties do not publish their accounts and make statements like ‘ yes, for 1st May gathering, financing the transport remains a major issue in our budget’. We need to obtain more transparency on the financing strategies of political parties in Mauritius which need to be in a fair and just manner. It is not to be seeking the help of Capitalists during such particular time so that such type of promise is given “when we are in power, you will be suject to favouritism”. The proposal submitted by Transparency Mauritius needs to be seriously taken into consideration by the Electoral Supervisory Commission as it makes sense to organise elections with a sound political party funding.