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If House were to be a Lecturer!

What’s in a Lecturer? What makes him/her special?


2000 Tips for Lecturers – Hardcopy available in the UoM Library – Reserve Section

Lecture notes- to post or not?

 The new academic year (2008-2009) and semester (1) announces with new modules delivered by new lecturers. Well amongst the various lecturers, let me share with you the lecturer I consider to be the best!

Well, the first time I saw him:


came into my mind, the picture of Dr. House, but more Old.  Actually just like many patients don’t realise that House is actually an MD, in the same way, I could not even imagine that the old wise man sitting was my new lecturer. I foolishly knocked knocked at the class behind which he was sitting and asked whether its Dr. C’s class. Finally got introduced to him and the first lecture started.

Dr. C (the lecturer holds a doctorate and is not a medical doctor) is extremely impressive. The first class on 21 Aug. was on Communication. Well unlike other lecturers, he just explained the topic extremely well and without dictation. His notes to be copied were coming fluently and intelligently from his brain! Explaining complicated terms like tabula rasa or apple polishing is like an inborn talent to him. He really has the art to explain well – sometimes acting or putting himself in the shoes of another person to explain the term. Some great highlights from the class:

The eyes are important in non-verbal communication. The eyes are supposed to be the window of the soul. When you are talking to somebody, it is always good to look at the person in the eyes.

As a good listener, one should be able to listen, instead of wanting to dominate conversation when listening.

It is vital that you think before you speak. Once a statement is uttered, it may be difficult to retract. (after a conflict, the friendship relation will never be the same).

If you agree with a point, try and build on it.

If you disagree, do not become over assertive. Show that you can see more than one point of view. Show respect to the speaker and show your point of view in a very civilised manner – “b moi mo pense koum sa, to pas croire toi?

Remember it is better to say a little which is considered than a lot that is superficial. Output the product of solid thinking. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Avoid the I and me syndrome.

Avoid losing your temper. An angry man is a mad man. Everything starts with your thoughts. Control your thoughts, you control everything.

Credibility gap – remember once credibility is lost, it is difficult to regain it.

Surround yourself with able people.

Apart from the very interesting, interactive class, the fun part is when Dr.C tell his anecdotes about his adventures. He had been to most countries in the world and had different great experiences in life. Anecdotes from California, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Switzeland are simply exciting to listen during the class breaks (well there are no such official breaks) but he sometimes escapes in the world of adventure.

His other passion: undersea fishing. It is cool to learn the tips that he gives. His adventures in the sea, as a professional are just thrilling.

Honestly, you get to learn a lot of things from Dr. C.-about his positive outlook in life and his adventourous spirit. Uptill now he is the best lecturer I have ever had and It is a great honour and blessing to be a fellow student of him. (thank God, he is not as sarcastic as Dr. House )

2 responses

  1. Huh…not always i look at the person in the eyes while talking….feel shy lol :p

    Hope to do a module wiz Dr C!!!!!!!!!! coz i loveeeeeeeeee Dr House 🙂

    31 August, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    • He He

      Do you know that Dr. C even cracks jokes in Bhojpuri!! mega lol

      1 September, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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